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Somagel® is an innovative polyelectrolyte complex of polysaccharides with algin, chitosan, dextran and hyaluronic acid.These all-organic molecules hydrate assemble a new generation of exracellular matrix to form biocompatible skin alike tissue. The unique viscoelastic nature of Somagel® diffuses water molecules and vital ingredients into the skin through an ionic fraction force as natural osmosis effect.

Somagel® BioMatrix

Somagel® BioMatrix technology exploits using innovative polysaccharides (Somagel®) as the substrate combined with multi-emulsion and multi-encapsulation (MEME) technology for 24 hours extensive skin care to promote skin beauty and against aging which is the most advanced formula in skin management. Exclusive cellular water oil homology blends the rich luxuriousness of vitamin cream with the velvety texture of water essence to promote skin beauty and against aging.

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